Car Rental Depots At Brisbane Airport

Upon arriving at Brisbane airport, the first thing on your mind will be “I hope my luggage hasn’t been lost.” Presuming it hasn’t and baggage claim goes well, the next thought will be where to pick up your rental car! With multiple rental companies, different operators and varying pick-up methods, this can easily get confusing for the recently-arrived visitor to Brisbane. Here are the depot locations and/or car retrieval details for the big car rental brands based at BNE.
ALAMO Alamo is serviced by Europcar at Brisbane Airport,  so look out for their desks in the Level 1 arrivals hall in the Domestic terminal, and the Level 2 arrivals hall in the International terminal. Ask the customer service representatives about a shuttle to collect your vehicle.
ALPHA The Alpha depot is located at 128 Gerler Road, around 6kms from the airport. The company will shuttle you from the airport to the counter and your rental car, so be sure to let them know beforehand when you will be arriving! They will require flight details when booking.
ANDY’S AUTO RENTALS Andy’s does not have a physical terminal at Brisbane Airport, but the car will be delivered to you at the International terminal. If you are arriving at the Domestic terminal, you will need to take a short and easy train ride to the International. Car drop-offs will be pre-arranged with the company, so keep checking your emails and organise this directly with the supplier.
APOLLO They are jointly branded with Hertz in this location, so keep a lookout for the counters with both brands in the terminals- Level 1 in the Domestic Terminal, and Level 2 in the International terminal. Check in there and you will be shuttled to your rental car.
AVIS Avis has counters in the terminal buildings where you can go to pick up your vehicle. These are on Level 1 in the Domestic terminal and Level 2 in the International terminal.
BUDGET Budget has counters in the terminals, Level 2 for International and Level 1 for Domestic. Step on up and see the customer service representatives to claim your rental vehicle.
EAST COAST The East Coast depot is not far from the airport on Nudgee Road, but they do provide a free shuttle service for customers. To make use of this, call  3216 4873 after you have picked up your luggage.
EUROPCAR Europcar has desks in both terminal arrival halls- Level 1 in the Domestic terminal and Level 2 in the International terminal. Head to these to arrange picking up your rental!
HERTZ Like most other major rental companies, Hertz has desks in the arrival halls of both International (Level 2) and Domestic (Level 1) terminals. See the representatives behind the desks to pick up your car.
NATIONAL National is serviced by Europcar at Brisbane Airport, so find the Europcar counter mentioned above to pick up your car!
REDSPOT The Redspot desk is found in the arrivals hall of both the Domestic terminal and International terminal, so keep a look out and go to the desk to pick up your car.
THRIFTY Thrifty is another company with handy service desks right in the arrival halls of both the International terminal and Domestic terminal, on Level 2 and Level 1 respectively. See the customer service representatives at the desk to pick up your rental.
As long as you pay attention to all the details given to you upon booking, you should have no issues locating your rental car and driving off into the sunset! Check spam folders to make sure you don’t miss anything, follow instructions and enjoy driving around the fun and sunny city of Brisbane.

Updated August 2013 by Chris Houston. Information is subject to change at any time.